It is policy of M.A.G International Electromechanical Works to provide services and goods, which meet, agreed contractual specifications and quality standards defined by the customer (via his representative). To this end, every operating unit is required:


  •  To maintain staff able to interpret, clarify and conform to the client’s requirement.
  •  To ensure by proper selection and examination that good supplied and/or incorporated are suitable and safe to  operate.
  •  To make sure that goods and systems are installed in a satisfactory manner.
  •  To commission completed systems so that their operation and maintenance are  facilitated.
  •  If so required by the building owner to ensure that the completed and commissioned systems are serviced on a regular and systematic basis.


Further, those operating units maintaining a QA system in compliance with specified QA standards are required:

  •  To observe the company Quality Assurance and Procedures (and/or any plan agreed  and specific to a project)
  •  To plan, control and document in a systematic manner those procedures.
  •  To maintain such records as well as substantiate the Quality Assurance applied  through each project undertaken.
  •  To provide evidence of quality by demonstration and certification where required.


In addition, those operating units observing the quality and undertaking a design responsibility are required:

  •  To determine and define the design intend and performance standards.
  •  To derive and record system design and data in such a manner that the can and will, be checked with the company, and can independently checked by outside nominees.
  •  To convey appropriate system design parameters to those responsible for system  concerned.
  •  In endorsement of the above, the General Manager has been given the authority to  promote and support the QA function at all the levels within their areas of operation, the ultimate project manager responsibility being with the Management Representative of M.A.G International Electro - Mechanical Works L.L.C.


Mohammed A.H. Zohlof

Executive Manager




The policy statement is signed by the Executive Manager. The Policy and Objectives are periodically reviewed by the Top Management.